Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Emma's polka dot birthday party!! Dec 2010

I am really going to try to get caught up on all my blogging. We shall see. It seems like my life never settles down for to long.
Emma turned 6 in December and she really wanted a polka dot party... Ok we can do that!! M friend made me polka dot vinyl to put on my walls. Emma wore her polka dot shirt so did I we had polka dot cake that my mom made. It was really fun, but also a lot of work!!

She loves Justin Bieber

It's not a party without just dance!!

She really is as sweet as can be!

Pinata time. This is December at my house!! Love where we live! (In the winter) (;

Josh made pin the tail on the polka dot puppy game for us. It is so nice having him do fun stuff like this for us.

She LOVED her birthday party!!! I love doing birthday parties!! She is turning into such a good girl. She is making her own decisions and for the most part she is choosing the right. She will ask me 'mom is this modest?" She is definitely a pleaser always trying to make me happy and "trying' to be a peacemaker in our home. We are so complete with her in our lives. I just love you Emma!!
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